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Anna, Insulinoma, Ferrant Needed

Anna can be seen on the adoption page. She has insulinoma. It's a scary word to hear as it's a disease with no cure. Basically, ferrets develop an overabundance of insulin and this can create highs and lows much like it would in a diabetic human. If left untreated it can lead to seizures and death. 

Anna was diagnosed after coming here. She's lucky as with a strict diet and medication schedule she can lead a longer fuller life. Her blood glucose levels are back up into the normal range for a ferret. However, they can only stay there if she has top care. She needs a ferrant who realizes that she is a special baby with lots of love left to give. A ferrant who doesn't mind spending the additional money every other month for blood testing and medication refills. With proper care, Anna may still have two- three years of good life left in her.

She's a timid old lady who doesn't cause much fuss at all. She uses her litter pan 100% in the cage and likes to poke around a couple times a day out of the cage. As with most senior ferrets, you can see the wisdom in her eyes as she takes it all in. She had a rough early life and is looking for someone to pamper her in her twilight years.

Rescue is Costly

Fuzzy Friends Ferret Rescue is run by our family of four. How do we cover the expenses? We collect locally donated items and auction them online through local pages to raise money to cover vet bills. That in itself is a full-time occupation and doesn't always cover it all. Vet bills are high due to the fact ferrets are exotic animals and they have special needs. It is said that almost all ferrets will end up with one or both of the illnesses/diseases insulinoma or adrenal disease within their lives. That doesn't include any other care such as rectal prolapses that can occur, tumors or growth not related to other cancers, gastrointestinal ailments which they are prone due to their shortened digestive tracts. 

One could ask why do we do what we do. We do it because the ferrets need someone to help them. There is precious little education for the public when purchasing a ferret. Often new owners are overwhelmed due not realizing the full extent of care needed. We do it because those who are medically ill need help. We started out as a no-kill animal rescue however we soon came to realize that some illnesses are just beyond the scope of veterinary care and our ability to cover those costs. Ferret medical treatment is still in its infancy with very little being written for vets to go off of this means sometimes we will have to euthanize a ferret although it breaks our hearts each and every time. We hold them while they slip into the forever and hope we'll meet them again knowing at least they can find some comfort. 

Should you have the ability to help us in our efforts to make one small corner of the world better for the fuzzies you can donate via our donate button on the page or you can send us supplies.

-Duk Soup is always needed although we do formulate our own on occasion as well- 

-any dehydrated chicken, rabbit, duck meats

-Orijen cat food- we do still use Marshall's ferret for some ferrets as well but have found than Orijen makes for a healthier animal

-Yesterdays' News cat litter (pelleted paper litter)

-Puppy Training Pads

-Paper towels (for picking up stray messes and cage wipe outs twice a day)

As always we encourage people who are in a tight spot to contact us. Those who just need advice for their ferrets are also encouraged to talk it over with us if needed. We strive to make their lives as full and complete as we can. 


New Year New Goals

This past year was a whirlwind of ferret care. Currently we have no fuzzies save our own four remaining furbabies. This time is being used to renovate the ferret room for any future intakes. We look forward to serving the ferret community in 2017. 


The Ferret Giving Tree is up for 2016


All the ferrets in shelters this year hope that you won't forget them. Over 2010+ ferrets are sheltered in these shelters this year. 


Often the website here is last to be updated as we regularly are swamped with work and post updates more frequently on our Facebook page. 

After we lost Pookie we had a new arrival. Her name was Bandit which made her the third Bandit for us. Bandit III has some bladder issues we are working on with our vet currently. We hope for a positive outcome for this sweet little girl. 

Our foster baby was just given a very poor prognosis and will likely be heading home to his Momma soon. At just 9mths he has been diagnosed with severe liver issues. It's important to watch for any changes in even young ferrets. Lethargy, loss of appetite, changes in stools or urine can all indicate a trip to the vet is needed.


Pookie and the Littles

Pookie has had what we think was the ferret flu..however he's not responding to meds and his appetite is seriously not where it should be. This means that while he recouperates the Littles group will not be available for adoption. 

We had a new surrender this past week and are hopeful with a change to her diet that her health issue improves. Ruby is a real looker, young and playful. She's been rather skittish though so we have had to take it extra slow with her. However tonight she's not getting out of bath time. 

Hamish and Marigold are heading to their furever home tomorrow. We couldn't be happier for this sweet pair of ferrets. 



We have been saying a lot of goodbyes this week. First Jinx and Bandit II, then Gus and Luna, and today Penelope. It's goodbyes that are sweet knowing they are going to loving homes where we hope they will thrive for the rest of their days. 

Still available for adoption are Hamish and Marigold, and The Littles (Zoey, Pookie, Jasper, and Jasmine). You can see and read about them on the adoption page. 

Tiki's Jamoree Basket Auction via GiseleFund


Snowy's story


Penelope was allowed to play with two of our fuzzies one at a time so as not to overwhelm her. Cutie that she is she toddled along after them hoping they would notice her and play. Both of our fuzzies just wanted to investigate her toys and didn't pay her much attention. Poor girl was a little disappointed. We will continue to give her opportunities to play with them while we wait for Panda to gain some more weight. 
He's been eating well and getting a bit more fuzz here and there. 
He loves to walk around and wags his tail out of the blue sweet old fellow.

In other news the Littles Adoption is pending currently and we are hopeful that it will go well for them.


Fuzzy Friends Ferret Rescue is here to help. We know life gets busy and we want you to know we care. All ferrets will be loved and cared for so long as they are here.

Please Help.

Every ferret we take in has veterinary costs that can only be covered by the generosity of others. Other costs include food, paper towels, pee pads, and toys. Please consider helping us help the fuzzies.


To see ferrets live quality lives.

To help potential owners understand what having a ferret in your life means.

To help rehabilitate ferrets so they are ready to find a suitable loving home.

To show love and compassion to each and every ferret who enters our rescue.